Homeboy of the Week for September 13, 2010

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Reza Aslan, our Homeboy of the Week. Picture courtesy of rezaaslan.com.

I hate the fact that for the second week in a row that my Homeperson of the Week is not a sports figure, but since my beloved Jets and Lions lost this week, my Homeboy of the Week comes from the world of punditry. Readers of the Tomdauwwg blog, I present to you Reza Aslan.

Mr. Aslan was a guest on Meet The Press last Sunday. The topic of the show was September 11, and from what I could gather, Mr. Azlan was there to give the Muslim point of view, whatever that means. His commentary on 9/11 was quite refreshing to hear, and I do it no justice by selecting quotes from it; you really should watch it or read the transcript here. Money quote:

“I mean, what I’d like to know from, not just the former mayor but from, you know, the people who, who keep talking about this Islamic community center, is that what is it that this multifaith, multistoried community center being led by an American imam that two presidents, Republican and Democrat, have used as a–as an ambassador to the Muslim world, cultural ambassador to the Muslim world, what does that have to do with al-Qaeda?  The answer is kind of simple, actually:  Islam.  But let’s call a spade a spade for a moment.  If you are painting 1.5 billion people with the same brush of violence and, and, and extremism, you’re a bigot.  And I think what’s, what’s disturbing is the way that that’s become part of the, the, the natural discourse now.”

I couldn’t have described the controversy over Park51 (No, it’s not the Ground Zero mosque; it is neither at Ground Zero, nor will it primarily serve as a mosque) any better myself.

Homegirl of the Week for September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010 1 comment

Brandy Springer is Homegirl of the week. Springer, of Lee County Mississippi, pulled her four children from the Nettleton school district, because her middle-school-aged daughter was ruled ineligible to run for a student government officer position because of her race. The office she was running for was slotted for a white student, and because she was half Caucasian-American and half Native-American she was ruled ineligible. When Springer’s case was made public, the Nettleton School Board changed the policy.

I am sad that in 2010 I’m writing about racial discrimination at a middle school, but a positive thing that can be highlighted from this episode is that change can happen if you speak up. Ms. Springer did, and the students in Lee County Mississippi are all the better for it.

Ms. Springer gets double cool points for being a miscegenist twice over: Ms. Springer is Caucasian-American, while her two eldest children are Native-American and Caucasian-American, while her two youngest children are African-American and Caucasian-American.

Please Don’t Do This Jim!

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